Agrofarm 2020
Exhibition of Breeding and Technology for the Manufacturing and Processing of Livestock Products
4-6 FEBRUARY 2020
Russia, Moscow, VDNH,
Pavilion 75
+7 (495) 974 77 77 ext. 3809


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Artur Antonyan: VDNH Has Always Been and Will Always Be a Welcoming House for Participants of AGROFARM

Artur Antonyan, First Deputy CEO of JSC VDNH, spoke at the AGROFARM 2020 Exhibition Council attended by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, national industry associations, the Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management and Rosselkhozbank.



Significant Growth of Dairy Production Was Noted in 2019

FSBI “Center of Agricultural Analytics” prepared a relevant overview of the dairy market for December 2019. According to preliminary estimates, dairy production in Russia could reach about 31 mln tones in 2019, which was 400,000 tones more than in 2018. As the overview reports, the growth could be noted annually since 2016, when the indicator lowered against a level of 2014-2015.


Krasnokamsky RMZ Offers Favorable Terms for Agricultural Equipment Purchase

The Krasnokamsk Machinery and Repair Plant, which is well-known to national agricultural holdings, will present its In-Line Haylage technology at the AGROFARM 2020 Exhibition.


The Total Catching of Russian Fisheries Exceeded Amounts of the Previous Year

According to the industrial monitoring system of the Federal Agency for Fishery, the total catching of aquatic bioresources by Russian users has amounted to 139,400 tones in January 2020, which is 19,000 tones more than last year.


AgroVeles Will Present Its Forage and Pasture Grass Mixtures

AgroVeles LLC is one of leading manufacturers and suppliers of grass mixture seeds, forage herbs and other agricultural crops in the Russian market. The company will present a wide range of forage and pasture grass mixtures at the Exhibition.


EVA Polymer Will Ensure Comfort for Cows

EVA Polymer manufactures various products of polymeric materials, EVA synthetic material (ethylene-vinyl acetate). The company will present EVA livestock mats at the AGROFARM Exhibition.


Leaders of the Industry

Elena Savoskina: Ferrum Presents a Full Range of Services – from Design to Mounting and Maintenance

Ferrum provides services of design, manufacturing and mounting of stable equipment, as well as metallic structures of any complexity. Elena Savoskina, CEO of the company, spoke on what special equipment for dairy and stock breeding complexes the company would present at the Exhibition, and what its advantages were.


Euro Slats Will Present Advanced Technologies for Cow Barn Construction

Currently the dairy market is developing rapidly, which means a lot of stock breeding complexes are being built in all regions of the country. It’s important for any business owner not to build only, but to choose the right approach to construction in regard to capital and operational costs. Artem Shashlov, CEO of Euro Slats, told about benefits of the LEGO cow barn construction technology based on precast concrete elements and wooden farms.


Maison Fournier Will Present the Perfect Equipment for Pig Breeding at the AGROFARM Exhibition Hosted by VDNH

Fournier is a well-known company among professional stock-breeders in many countries of the world, including Russia. Founded in 1947 by Albert Fournier Sr., Maison Fournier has developed and manufactured equipment for pig breeding. Quality, durability, innovations and respect to animals are four pillars the Fournier brand has been based on for almost 70 years already. Stephane Lucas, Director of the Russian representative office, spoke on what helped the company not to lose its leadership and what would be brought to the AGROFARM Exhibition.


Business Program

Support Mechanisms for Russian Stock-Breeders Will Be Discussed at the Plenary Session

The Plenary Session “Transformation of Livestock Support Mechanisms” arranged with the assistance of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation will take place on February 4 in the framework of the Business Program.
Time of the event: 12:30–14:00
Venue: Pavilion No.75, Vereschagin Hall (Hall A)


Beekeepers Will Discuss Today’s Strategy of Industry Development

The Conference “Development Strategy for Beekeeping in the Context of Modern Challenges” will take place on February 6. The Conference is organized by VDNH EXPO, FSBRE N.V. Rudnitsky Federal Agrarian Research Center of the North-East Territories, the Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy.

Time of the event: 10:30–15:20
Venue: Pavilion No.75, Vereschagin Hall (Hall A)



Andrey Danilenko: AGROFARM Can and Should Become a Global Platform for Agricultural Business

Events of the Business Program of the Exhibition will be attended by Andrey Danilenko, Head of the Committee on Agro-Industrial Policy of Delovaya Rossiya, member of the Board of Directors of DAMATE AIC LLC, Chairman of the AGROFARM 2020 Exhibition Council. We asked him to give an appraisal of short-term and long-term prospects of the AGROFARM Exhibition at VDNH:


Artem Belov: One Large Congress and Exhibition Event for Agrarians Is Required

The National Dairy Producers Union (SOYUZMOLOKO) will take active part in events of the Exhibition. We asked Artem Belov, CEO of SOYUZMOLOKO, a member of the AGROFARM 2020 Exhibition Council to express his opinion on how efficient participation in industrial exhibitions was for agrarians.



The Sheep Breeding Pavilion Will Change Its Content While Keeping the Appearance

At the Soviet times the Sheep Breeding Pavilion was one of visitors’ favorite pavilion at the Exhibition. It was built in 1954 upon the project by architects A.O. Kolesnichenko and G.G. Savinov as a venue to demonstrate advanced farms of the country that specialized in sheep breeding.


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