Agrofarm 2020
Exhibition of Breeding and Technology for the Manufacturing and Processing of Livestock Products
4-6 FEBRUARY 2020
Russia, Moscow, VDNH,
Pavilion 75
+7 (495) 974 77 77 ext. 3809

Fournier Equipment for Pig Farms Will Be Presented at AGROFARM

The Exhibition participant the French company Maison Fournier, has been producing farm equipment for more than 70 years, ranging from slotted concrete and plastic floors to feeding systems for animals: troughs, drinking bowls and feeders.

The brand has become the recognized gold standard in the field of pig farming. It is no coincidence that the Russian agricultural enterprises seek to purchase the equipment of this company that meets all the requirements and needs of their enterprises.

Maison Fournier has its own sheet metal processing complex and a stainless steel fabrication workshop. The R&D department equipped with the design equipment, allows the company to create the new products and improve the existing ones in order to always keep up with the needs of the modern market.