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The Total Catching of Russian Fisheries Exceeded Amounts of the Previous Year

According to the industrial monitoring system of the Federal Agency for Fishery, the total catching of aquatic bioresources by Russian users has amounted to 139,400 tones in January 2020, which is 19,000 tones more than last year.

Data of regional fishery basins demonstrate a stable growth of catching. The amount of caught fish reached 112,000 tones in the Far Eastern fishery. Catching of walleye pollocks increased up to 83,600 tones which was 13,000 tones more than the previous year. Catching of cods also increased by 4,400 tones.

Fishery managers of the Northern fishery basin managed to increase their catching significantly – by 63% against the indicator of the previous year. Catching of cods amounted to about 10,000 tones – 4,000 tones more than before; catching of haddocks increased by 750 tones – up to 2,400 tones.

Indicators in the Azov and Black Sea fishery basin grew as well: the catching increased by 74% against the previous indicator there. Catching of anchovies grew by 1,640 tones to amount to 2,900 tones, and the total catching of sprats increased by 30,000 tones.

The amount of catching in the Volga-Caspian fishery basin amounted to 510,000 tones, which was 510,000 tones more than the year before. The entire volume was provided by sprat catching. In January 2019, catching had not been performed yet.