Agrofarm 2020
Exhibition of Breeding and Technology for the Manufacturing and Processing of Livestock Products
4-6 FEBRUARY 2020
Russia, Moscow, VDNH,
Pavilion 75
+7 (495) 974 77 77 ext. 3809
22 October 2019

AGROFARM-2020 will present technologies for organic livestock product manufacturing

According to official data of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, at the moment works on establishment of a green products protected brand are in progress in our country.

Agricultural producers whose products have already proved to meet specified requirements will gain the right to place special uniform labels on the package.

Such a label will be a certain sign for buyers that only health friendly products were used in the process of manufacturing. It will also guarantee a high quality of products.

Organizers of AGROFARM-2020 strongly support the idea of expanding the presence of organic food products in the market. In the immediate future a demand for such products will nothing but increase all over the world, and Russian companies have quite a potential to create their own niche in this segment. A wide range of machinery and technologies for modern livestock manufacturing facilities producing organic stuff will be presented at the exhibition. Aside from the latest technical solutions, feedstuff and animal feeding technologies, management and care equipment, as well as modern veterinary preparations designed for preservation of livestock health and yield and, therefore, the quality of end products, will be introduced to visitors.

You can also take part in the process of selecting the future Russian “green” brand and vote for the option you like best on the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

We are waiting for you at the AGROFARM Exhibition on February 4–6, 2020!

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