Agrofarm 2020
Exhibition of Breeding and Technology for the Manufacturing and Processing of Livestock Products
4-6 FEBRUARY 2020
Russia, Moscow, VDNH,
Pavilion 75
+7 (495) 974 77 77 ext. 3809
04 October 2019

Congratulations to Danone, Strategic Partner of JSC VDNH, on Its Anniversary!

This year DANONE, one of leaders of the dairy industry, celebrates its 100th anniversary!

Danone is one of the first Western companies that came to the Russian market. The story of the enterprise began a century ago, when its founder Isaac Carasso, an apothecary from Barcelona, tried to help ill children who suffered from dysbacteriosis and intestinal infections.

After studying research materials of the Russian scientist Ilya Mechnikov that proved yogurt to be useful for a human organism Carasso ordered strains of lactic acid yogurt cultures delivered to Spain.

Using a Balkan recipe, in 1919 Isaac started producing the dairy product in his small laboratory. Every morning 400 clay pots of yogurt were delivered to chemists shops. Over several years disease-curing properties of the product and Isaac Carasso’s commitment ensured real success of his useful invention! At the time yogurt could be found in dairy shops and confectioneries.

Today Danone is one of leaders among producers of dairy products in Russia. VDNH EXPO, the organizer of the AGROFARM Exhibition, wishes the company further prosperity, success and achievements to promote dairy business in our country!