Agrofarm 2020
Exhibition of Breeding and Technology for the Manufacturing and Processing of Livestock Products
4-6 FEBRUARY 2020
Russia, Moscow, VDNH,
Pavilion 75
+7 (495) 974 77 77 ext. 3809

AgroFarm VDNH - exhibition official news

The AGROFARM 2020 Exhibition Opened at VDNH EXPO

AGROFARM, an International Exhibition of Stock Breeding and Technologies for Livestock Products Production and Processing, opened in Pavilion No. 75 on February 4. During three days, guests of VDNH will be able to learn more about modern solutions in the field of national animal breeding, estimate best practices and global experience in the most diverse areas of the industry. The Exhibition was opened with a Foresight Session ‘Agriculture in Russia 2020–2025: The Outlook’.
04 February 2020

A Special Offer from the Fishing Village for AGROFARM Participants and Guests

The Fishing Village at VDNH is a resort place offering multiple entertainments opportunities with the focus on fishing. Sturgeon, sterlet, great sturgeon, sheatfish, trout, carp and pike teem in local ponds. Everyone will manage to get a catch here to be cooked by high-end chefs that possess secrets of old Russian cuisine.
03 February 2020

Discussion of the Rural Area Development Strategy at AGROFARM 2020

We invite everyone who is interested in the topic of rural area development – experts, agricultural producers of all forms of property, representatives of academic community and business, students of specialized universities – to take part in the First Research-to-Practice Conference ‘THE RUSSIAN VILLAGE: Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow’ that will take place on February 4, 2020.
31 January 2020

Unique Loyalty Program for Participants and Guests of the AGROFARM 2020 Exhibition

As a participant or a guest of the AGROFARM Exhibition that will take place on February 4–6, 2020, you will have a unique opportunity not only to have a look at the novelties of the animal breeding industry, but also to learn the history of the main exhibition of the country, the largest exposition, museum and recreational complex in the world.
27 January 2020

Vladimir Heavy Drafts Will Get in the AGROFARM 2020 Ring at VDNH

Famous Vladimir Heavy Drafts will be presented at the AGROFARM Exhibition for the first time. Laska and Gasolin – a beautiful span from the V.I. Fomin State Stud Farm of the Vladimir Region – will act as debutants of the demonstration show ring of the Exhibition.
27 January 2020

AGROFARM 2020: A Business Tour to JSC ‘Moskovskoye on Breeding Work’

We invite specialists of the industry to take part in a business tour to JSC ‘Moskovskoye on Breeding Work’, a leading Russian enterprise in field of large cattle genetics, which is to take place on February 6, 2020, in the framework of the AGROFARM 2020 International Exhibition of Animal Husbandry and Animal Breeding.
20 January 2020

Dear Friends, Happy New Year 2020!

For more than 13 years every winter we meet with you at VDNH in Pavilion 75, where we celebrate our big joint project, AGROFARM exhibition, which traditionally brings together Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and technology, breeding material for all animal farming sectors and related industries, specialists of agricultural holdings and farms. We are happy to welcome the new decade together with you!
30 December 2019