Agrofarm VDNH: new on the exhibition 2020

Interview with Tatiana Golubeva, Deputy Head of the Department of VDNKh (Exhibition of Economic Achievements), AO Congress and Exhibition Activities

Subject: AgroPharm-2020 Exhibition at VDNKh

QUESTION: Tatiana Mikhailovna, from 4 to 6 February 2020 the AgroPharm exposition will traditionally be presented at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. Key representatives of the agricultural industry will get together at pavilion 75 for the fourteenth time. In 2019, about 12,000 experts visited the exhibition while 420 companies representing 30 countries participated in it. How can you explain such a success of AgroPharm?

ANSWER: First of all, pavilion 75 wherein the exhibition is being held is a multifunctional modern profile venue, that provides all opportunities to hold agricultural exhibitions at top-level. That is why a dominating number of major exhibitions in this industry take place here. VDNKh Expo has all the necessary technological functionality that makes it possible to arrange field-specific events most effectively. The capacity of the pavilion provides enough space to locate exhibitors on an area of 23 thousand sq. meters. I'd like to emphasize that VDNKh steadily keeps the status of the best congress and exhibition venue in Russia and has been honored the main EFEA Awards four times in a row.

Besides, it should be noted that VDNKh is a venue where national agricultural exhibitions have been historically held. For decades key experts in the industry have met here and have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their field. It is a unique place where the latest achievements of science and cultural traditions harmoniously merge, an area for comfortable leisure time and for effective congress and exhibition activities. All this makes VDNKh the most attractive venue for our exhibitors and guests.

QUESTION: How are you planning to hold the achieved positions in the future?

ANSWER: We fully retain the concept of the exhibition and it will be held at the top level, as always. The components of our success imply not only mutually beneficial partnership, but also friendly relations with our clients, a reliable state venue and a highly professional team that has been strengthened by experts from leading exhibition organizations this year. And, of course, AO VDNKh as the owner of the venue, guarantees high quality of the services provided and the international level of support ensuring efficient participation of our exhibitors.

Also, the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia and our partners, such as the National Union of Milk Producers Soyuzmoloko, the National Union of Beef Producers, the National Union of Poultry Breeders and the Russian Poultry Breeders’ Union have always been important for AgroPharm participants. And, no doubt, this is a certain quality mark for the exhibition.

QUESTION: What lies ahead for the exhibitors in 2020?

ANSWER: We always strive to make participation in the exhibition most convenient and efficient for all exhibitors and guests. Therefore, the concept will be complemented with special loyalty programs for both our regular participants and new exhibitors. Besides, special buyer programs that can be used most efficiently in the agro-industrial complex are now in the works.

QUESTION: What are the development prospects for your exhibition venue in the nearest future?

ANSWER: The construction of new exhibition facilities with a diverse and multifunctional infrastructure is already underway. One more pavilion with a capacity of 38,000 sq. m, a congress-and-concert hall with seats for 3,700 people, an underground parking lot and a pedestrian gallery will appear. Even now, agreements are being reached on the implementation of umbrella projects with our strategic partners – major exhibition hosts. In 2021, we plan to complement the AgroPharm exhibition with simultaneously held related theme events.

We appreciate the trust and support that our exhibitors have been giving us for many years and we will be glad to welcome everyone at our exhibition in February 2020.

23 September 2019